Everything you need to know
about the Fasciitis Fighter products


What does the Fasciitis fighter do?

The Fasciitis fighter is a unique product that allows you to do an evidence based high strength training exercises of the plantar fascia and foot. Its design extends the big toe and places the plantar fascia under some tension while the calf raises are performed. Its design also helps improve mobility in the big toe required for optimum foot function and performance.

What is the Fasciitis Fighter?

It is a closed cell EVA foam product that allows you to complete strength training with. It replaces the hassle and inconsistencies of a rolled up a towel which is commonly used in strengthening exercises for the foot. 

What is the ROUND 2 version?

The Fasciitis Fighter Round 2 is a double length version of the Fasciitis Fighter. This allows a two foot or bilateral foot work out compared with just one foot on the Fasciitis Fighter.

What can the Fasciitis Fighter be used for?

The Fasciitis Fighter is specifically designed to help perform high load strength training on. It can also be used to perform plantar fascia stretching and improving big toe mobility through stretching and mobility exercises

What is the difference between the Fasciitis Fighter and Fasciitis Fighter ROUND 2?

The only difference is the length of the Fasciitis Fighter Round 2 is double that of the Fasciitis Fighter. This allows a two foot or bilateral foot work out compared with just one foot on the Fasciitis Fighter.

Are there conditions that are not suitable or safe to use the Fasciitis Fighter for?

Yes, you should not use the Fasciitis Fighter if you suffer from any of the following conditions: Acute or reactive plantar fasciitis, plantar fascia tears, foot fractures, acute calf or achilles injury or undiagnosed heel and foot pain. If you suffer from any of these conditions please do not use the Fasciitis Fighter unless otherwise advised by your doctor or health professional. There is also a risk of suffering an increase in pain levels from using Fasciitis Fighter if used incorrectly or to aggressively. 

How should the Fasciitis Fighter feel?

**Gradual progression at a tolerated load is important. You should be able to perform normal calf raises on a flat surfaces prior to starting on a Level 1 two leg raise. You may feel some tension and in some cases may feel some mild discomfort under the foot while performing the exercise. This pain should not increase greater than mild discomfort and if your symptoms increase see your supervising health care professional for advice and stop the exercises. You may also get a sore calf muscles initially if they are not use to doing any calf raises.

Should I still see my health care professional? 

Fasciitis Fighter is purely a product for exercising with. It does not replace the need to see your health professional of your choice for correct diagnosis and management of your foot pain. You must always use the Fasciitis Fighter products under the direction of your health care professional through a individualised program

How do I care for the Fasciitis Fighter?

Don't expose to direct sunlight or extreme heat. Keep away from pets and children. They can be washed with warm soapy water if required.

How much often should I use the Fasciitis Fighter?

The Fasciitis Fighter is designed for individual use and is to be used only once per day or in many cases every second day for a recovery day in between. As you progress you may only need to use it less frequently. Note: Due to the nature of the foam and the required density to make the device comfortable to use it will likely compress/deform slightly on the top curve over time. Excessive use will decrease the lifespan of device.

What are Toe Strong Bands?

Improving intrinsic foot muscle strength has been shown to be beneficial in helping foot function and plantar fasciitis. Our customised multi resistance loop bands are ideal for strengthening the toe, foot and ankle muscles. Each pack contains a light, medium and heavy resistance loop band to suit all levels and allow progressions. 


Size: 42 cm loop by 3 cm width

Material:   Warning contains Latex

What is The Scalene Slant Board

'The Scalene' triangle. The perfect shape for a multipurpose slant board.


The two different angles allows the user to perform calf, big toe stretching and multiple strengthening and mobility exercises. 

With its customised anti-slip grooved surfance ' The Scalene' is made of a ultra high density EVA foam, perfect for a barefoot workout  without compromising strength and stability under weight.  No slippery surfaces or rough sandpaper.

Improvements in foot and ankle mobility can assist in the recovery of many lower limb conditions and improve physical performance. 

 Key benefits

  • Stretch and mobilise the toes, arch, calf and ankle
  • Strengthen the muscles of the foot, ankle, knee and hip
  • Assist squat and lunge range of motion


Weight 1.5kg

Dimensions 37 x 13. x 51 cm

Material: Ultra high density EVA foam

Health Professionals

Where can I purchase the Fasciitis Fighter for my clients?

Please see our wholesale page and international reseller pages for further information. Alternatively please email us at info@fasciitisfighter.com.au for more information specific to your requirements.

Purchase and payment

Do you keep my credit card details?

No we don't store any credit card information.

What currency are your prices in?

All prices are in US dollars.

What payments do you accept? 

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

When should I expect to receive my Fasciitis fighter order?

Your order may take up to 3-5 working days to arrive to addresses within the USA.

How can I track my order?

You can go to the USPS site and enter your tracking number to find the status of your parcel. .

If you are concerned that your order hasn't arrived and should have, please send us an email to info@fasciitisfighter.com.au

Will I get an order confirmation or tax invoice?

You will get both emailed to you once your payment has been successful. Make sure your email and delivery addresses are correct to ensure successful email and product delivery.

How much is postage and handling? (Prices USD)

$3 USD for all postage.

Can I return the product and get a refund? 

You may be able to return your product for a refund. Please click here to read the returns policy.