What is Plantar Fascia Strengthening?

And how does the Fasciitis Fighter help?

Why strengthen?

Plantar fascia strengthening exercises aim to improve the load tolerance and strength of the plantar fascia tissue and surrounding foot and calf muscles. The progressive loading of these structures through exercise can help alleviate symptoms of plantar fasciitis and improve foot performance.

  • Research
    has show

    High-load strength training may aid in a quicker reduction in pain and improvements in function in sufferers of plantar fasciitis Rathleff et al 2014​

  • ‘A simple progressive exercise protocol performed every second day, resulted in superior self reported outcome after 3 months compared with plantar specific stretching’

    Rathleff et al 2014.

Why strengthen?

Persistent heel pain can lead to movement changes with walking, leading to inhibition and loss of strength in the surrounding foot and calf muscles. This further creates a increasing sensitivity to load through the plantar fascia tissue leading to a vicious cycle.

​The Fasciitis Fighter should always be used under the guidance of your health care professional as individual loading parameters will vary.

Who designed the Fasciitis Fighter?

Hamish Vickerman (B Phty B ExSc) is a physiotherapist based in Australia, with an interest in managing foot and running-related injuries. With his dual degrees in physiotherapy and exercise science Hamish has 18 years of extensive experience in this domain, he has established a notable reputation for effectively addressing foot issues, including conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Through his work, he observed significant improvements in his clients who engaged in foot strengthening exercises using a rolled-up towel. However, recognising the need for a more convenient and efficient solution, he developed the original Fasciitis Fighter in 2018.

Driven by his commitment to providing effective solutions, Hamish identified the need for a more accessible and practical approach to foot strengthening exercises. Over the last 5 years he has developed the Fasciitis Fighter range of products to enhance foot strength, flexibility, and overall function.

He hopes the active approach with these products helps empower individuals to take charge of their foot health and well-being, enabling them to overcome challenges, reduce pain, and optimise their performance to lead better lives.

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